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Magic Floating Ring



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  • Brand new.
  • Magic ring for beginners and masters.
  • Perfect to wear it during magical shows, ceremonies, and any occasion.
  • Perfect Floating magic ring for magical learnings and training.
  • Best ring for adult and child.
  • If you’re interested in the magical tricks, this is the ring for you.
  • For both men, women, boys and girls.
  • Easy to use; It’s worth that you spend a few minutes and you learned a trick.
  • Perfect for gifts to loved ones.
  • This ring includes mysterious power from magic always attracts people’s attention.
  • Good to wear as you want in your daily life.
  • Functional and Light Weight with a perfect size.
  • It doesn’t have any harm to your body.
  • it’s a good decoration when you are in daily life.
  • The ring is packed and shipped in a special and perfect way.