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Rites of Lucifer



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Know more about:
* Light and Darkness in Luciferian Gnosis.
* The Light Bearer Ritual.
* Invocation of the Dark Initiator.
* The Mind of Lucifer;
* Purifying Fire (The Seed of Luciferian Gnosis).
* Lord of the Air.
* Lucifer – The Trickster.
* The Shadow Companion.
* Holographic Luciferianism.
* The Adversarial Current of Lucifer.
* Invocation of the Adversary.
* Freedom through Death.
* Emperor of Shadow and Light.
* The God of Witchcraft.
* The Infernal Spirit of Old Grimoires.
* Masks of Lucifer Ritual.
* It’s a unique publication in the tradition of the Luciferian Gnosis.
Lucifer is the archetype of the Adversary, initiator and guide on the Path of the Night side. In this book you will read more on how He is called the fallen angel of Christian legends, the Devil of witches’ Sabbats, one of primal Draconian Gods, Demon Prince of the Air, and Infernal Emperor of old grimoires